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Best Birkenstocks on sale for Summer 2021

They have come a long way, baby. From the orthopedic health exercises of the 1960s to the two fashion enthusiasts, the once basic Birkenstock has become an all-season shoe. Unmistakable leather and cork works transcend age, profession, class and income, and are the most chic in the world, including Kate Moss, Charlize Theron, Katie Holmes, Naomi Watts, Sienna Miller and Gwyneth Paltrow. Beautifully decorates the legs of a beautiful woman. In the process, the German-based company has grown into a brand of about $ 5 billion, which now produces 1,800 styles.

Birkenstock’s funky-to-funky journey began when Moss first appeared on international runways in the early 2000s after Moss playfully wore a pair of fashion shoots. Soon, luxury brands such as Celine, Givenchy, Valentino, Isabel Marant, Fendi and Ferragamo announced their own flat-bottomed homage at three to four times the price of Birkenstock. After that, Birkenstock became smarter and began collaborating with his own designers. More recently, their collection includes styles created by students from Valentino, Stussy, Proenza Schouler and Central Saint Martins, London’s Fashion Academy. All designer versions are under the Burke banner of “1774”, the year German shoemaker Johann Adam Birkenstock worked on his craft, and sell for $ 300 to $ 500 per pair.

The frugal German company began envisioning a more stylish future when it decided to host its own Paris runway show in Tuileries in 2017. Ballet Flats; Sneakers; Oxford; And Moto Booties also features unique contoured footbeds made for both women and men, including Mandal-loving fans like Leonardo DiCaprio, Ashton Kutcher and Christian Bale. I am.

It is unusual for a populist brand with a well-defined health pedigree to create the next page on a regular basis. Vogue (In particular, Birkenstock is a rare fashion brand that does not sow celebrities at all, so shoes are considered “cute / ugly”. But if you visit Birkenstock’s landmark Abbot Kinney Boulevard (one of only three stores in the country), you can randomly find celebrities like Frances McDormand. Academy Award-winning Valentino puff sleeve gown.

Birkenstock is a rare footwear brand that spans Cool and Comfort, Butch and Femme, Boho and Soho. They are made for you: fashionable or anti-fashion. So you just have to think about whether to wear socks or not. That’s exactly the problem.

Alexandre Rothschild’s Bucharest: $ 580

Arizona Valentino Garavani: $ 510

Arizona Big Buckle: $ 150

Arizona Big Buckle: $ 150

Florida Fresh Vegan: $ 99.95

Super Bill Key: $ 79.95

Arizona Split: $ 115

Terra by Saskia Lenaerts: $ 510

Kyoto soft footbed: $ 150

Arizona Split: $ 115

Arizona Essentials: $ 44.95

Tata core: $ 170

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