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Birkenstock Orthopädie GmbH & Co. KG is a shoe manufacturer headquartered in Neustadt (Wied), Germany. The company sells Birkenstock, a German brand of sandals and other shoes notable for their contoured cork and rubber footbeds, which conform somewhat to the shape of their wearers' feet. Representative products include the two-strap Arizona sandal and the Boston clog.

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Birkenstocks Sale Are Discounted at This Super Secret Sale for the Next 72 Hours

There's no denying that Birkenstocks are some of the most popular sandals to walk the Earth. Dramatic, yes, but there's a reason they're adored by supermodels, celebrities, and customers alike. Birkenstocks have been providing feet with ultimate all-day comfort for decades thanks to their signature contoured cork footbed that molds to the shape of your feet for optimal arch support. ..........Read full article

Birkenstocks, the Sculpting Jeans Meghan Markle Made Famous, and Oprah-Loved Shoes Are on Sale

It's the weekend after Labor Day, and the end-of-season sales are still going strong. That means that if you were too busy on the boat or grilling with family to be on your phone or computer shopping the dozens of Labor Day sales last week, rest assured that the prices we're seeing right now are very comparable (if not better!). ..........Read full article

6 reasons why we are drooling over these designer collaborations | birkenstock sale

German footwear label, Birkenstock has been on a roll when it comes to designer collaborations. In July, there was Jill Sanders, August was Proenza Schouler and come September, the brand is collaborating with Stüssy. A reunion of sorts, the piece in highlight is the iconic Boston slide-on sandal that is crafted from a single piece of suede with a cork footbed. Available in three colourways — sand, grass and concrete — these sandals are in sync with Stüssy’s California surfer chic aesthetic. ..........Read full article


There’s no other shoe that fits any season, any aesthetic, or any location better than the Birkenstock Boston clog. From beachgoers in the summer to street-style Soho kids on Lafayette, the Boston clog is a staple amongst any community. However, the original shoe is elevated by a collaboration with the streetwear and trendsetting brand, Stüssy. The shoe was released on August 27th, and celebrated with people all over social media posting that they were one of the lucky ones that were able to snag a pair of their own. What was already a fan favorite amongst fashion enthusiasts, the collaboration with Stüssy only amps up the appeal to purchase a pair. Coming in three distinct colorways embossed with the iconic Stüssy logo, the shoes call for immediate addition to anyone’s collection. ..........Read full article

Birkenstocks Sale Are Finally on Sale Again — and No, These Prices Aren't Typos

Summer is winding down, but sandal season is definitely not. Fall shoes might already be on your mind, but that doesn't mean you have to pack away all warm-weather shoes. Hot summer days that eventually turn into cool summer evenings are bound to pop up through the end of September, and there's one shoe that has the range for both: Birkenstocks. ..........Read full article

Nordstrom Finally Restocked the Unexpected Birkenstock Sale Style Celebrities Keep Wearing

Lucy Hale was recently spotted in a pair of unexpected Birks, the Arizona Big Buckle slide sandal. The style is not that different from any Birkenstock you normally see on the street, except for the detail that is its namesake: That big buckle adds a little drama, and honestly helps them feel a little fancier, too. ..........Read full article

Complete Separation From the Pack | Birkenstock’s Sale Performance in a Casual World

Birkenstock, Repeat is what caught my eye. Looking beyond a catchphrase, that isn’t even being utilized yet, has given me a better understanding of those “Jesus sandals” that covered the mesa at San Diego State and was always a staple up and down the boardwalk of Pacific Beach and Mission Beach. Now that I’m in Memphis and the demographics of the people wearing Birks has shifted, this rediscovery feels different. It’s extremely difficult to capture a new segment, especially in a blue collar area like Memphis. This is the home of warehouses and is the distribution center of the U.S. The interesting thing is Birkenstock hasn’t even looked at emphasizing the recovery aspect to warehouse employees and those working in shipping and receiving. The middle of the country isn’t even aware of the brand. They have covered fashion and the east coast and they have nailed down post hike and beach territories. Writing this has generated another option in expanding. That’s why I take the time to write and share. I hope you enjoyed this short dive into Birks. I’d like to read your comments and thoughts on LI or e-mail me. ..........Read full article

Birkenstock X Proenza Schouler Dropped A Genderless Capsule Collection Sale

Known for their contemporary ensembles influenced by art and culture, the designers of Proenza Schouler have infused their expertise about traditional tailoring techniques and custom-developed fabric into this partnership. In an exclusive conversation with ELLE, the avant-garde designers talk about the creative process, balancing the aesthetic of each brand and introducing their design language into the already established footwear legacy of Birkenstock. ..........Read full article


Whereas some of Birkenstock's recent collaborations may toy with familiarity, McCollough and Hernandez prefer to remain rooted in convention. After all, if it ain't broke, why fix it? ..........Read full article

Birkenstock children’s sandals Sale recalled due to choking hazard

Birkenstock USA recalled the Kids’ Mogami Sandals in sizes 24 to 38 for up to age 3 on July 27, because a plastic rivet can detach from the sandal’s ankle strap, posing a choking threat to young children. ..........Read full article